You’re a parent who’s serious about your child’s future. You know that the key to that future lies in giving them the gift of mastering the English language – the language of high-tech, business, and one of the most spoken worldwide.

The earlier children are exposed to a second language, the quicker they pick it up. Learning with Helen Doron’s unique and proven teaching methodology is both easy and fun!

The World of Helen Doron English

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Meie õppemetoodika toetub aastatepikkusele kogemusele ja teadmistele. Väikesed rühmad tagavad, et iga laps saab tähelepanu ja palju kõnepraktikat, et õppida keelt õigesti rääkima.

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Teaching English Through Technology

We cater to today’s children who grow up with technology and love using it. We’re at the forefront of pioneering games & apps that augment our classroom materials and enable children to continue learning at home, in their own time and in a way they remember!